Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sale Season

Hello all my fellow shopoholics out there!

So as you all are probably aware of, sales on the high streets are coming to an end. Signs have been taken down and shops are trying to get rid of their last few sale items.

My top shops for sales(speaking for menswear) are River Island & Topman, but River Island trumps TopMan in terms of value for money.

To some of you, River Island might still bring a bad taste to your style pallette, but through the past years, they have revamped their image and started jumping on trend with TOPSHOP and more specifically, All Saint's. You can definately see All Saint's influences in River Island's pieces, with worn out, stonewashed, rustic-rocker embellishments, however, they've still maintained their affordable prices, which, for me, makes all the difference. River Island has the best sale's which are then even FURTHER reduced towards the end of the sale period.

Here are two pieces I bought recently from River Island.
£3 for the glittery, bulldog officer tee, and £5 for the black, polyester gold snaps jumper.
Throw these on with some of my old skinny jeans and I've got a new outfit for £8!

Not sure if River Island's sale is still on(TOPMAN still has some sale items), but whenever the next one comes, be sure to hit the rails!