Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Gadget Time

Occasionally, I get really excited about new gadgets and spend a few hours geeking out to youtube reviews about them.

I will save you from the long version of what I've been researching and sum it up in one sentence.



The Future of Jobseeking

I've just come across this Youtube video whilst I was checking out @Cloud Nine Media Recruitment's website(@CloudNine Media Recruitment) and found it to be really interesting.

I was always told that when you are tailoring your CV to fit a job description, you always want it to be interesting to the reader and catch their attention amongst the hundreds or thousands of other CV's the company may receive.

To quote Graeme Anthony(@comms_anarchist), "Let's face it, communications have changed". With a social media revolution happening, there are so many ways to present yourself not only to the public, but to companies that are looking to hire.


Saturday, 21 April 2012

Fallen In Love With Floral

Saw this blazer in store today and fell in love . . .

£69.99 from ZARA



Started my Saturday with a bit of shopping with Dave at Topman Oxford Circus. 
Kellogg's was promoting their new Rocky Road Rice Krispies Squares, handing out tasty freebies.
 Next we walked over to Soho, where Phonica was having their Record Day Sale. There were loads of people checking out vinyls, taking photos and testing out the decks.

After a bit of wandering, we had a yummy, filling dinner at Kitchen Italia in Covent Garden. The food was good. The service on the other hand, was horrendous. Took ages to get the waiters attention, ages for our food to come, asked for a take-away box for our mains because we weren't even hungry anymore by the time the food came, and it took ages for them to bring a box to us. Don't get me started on how long we had to wait when we asked for the bill. Very upsetting service.

Lastly, we finished off the evening with 2-4-1 cocktails at Circa on Frith Street in Soho. Dave had a very strong Mojito and I had a delicious Sex On The Beach. £7.00, not too shabby :)


Thursday, 19 April 2012


You all need to be watching this show.

Hilarious, great cast chemistry, my new addiction.

Enough said.


Music, Work, and Other News

Music and work should both be categorized as "Work". The only difference is that one of them pays at the moment, while the other does not.

I've been working with a producer for the past year. We've done about 8 rough recordings and are now going over the single we want to release until it's sounding perfect. Details of these tracks can not be released at the moment. But stay tuned ;)

As much as I love singing and working on music, it is a lot of work. Singing the same lines for hours on end can really exhaust you. Recording sessions make my actual job feel like holidays! But I know that all my hard work will pay off in the end when we have a great sounding track. I can't wait to finish it!

Work is also going well. If you can recall my previous post, I started working with Arcadia Group last year. Since then, I have been put onto the Social Network team which I'm really enjoying. This includes administering the Topshop Facebook and Twitter.

Social media is the way of the future(actually, the now) people, so jump on the bandwagon!

And while you're jumping, follow me :) ---> @BobbyCreger

In other news,

We need to invest in another shelf for our dvd/blu-ray collection.


I will leave you with a lovely picture of me and my good friend Rania in Brighton this past weekend!