Thursday, 19 April 2012

Music, Work, and Other News

Music and work should both be categorized as "Work". The only difference is that one of them pays at the moment, while the other does not.

I've been working with a producer for the past year. We've done about 8 rough recordings and are now going over the single we want to release until it's sounding perfect. Details of these tracks can not be released at the moment. But stay tuned ;)

As much as I love singing and working on music, it is a lot of work. Singing the same lines for hours on end can really exhaust you. Recording sessions make my actual job feel like holidays! But I know that all my hard work will pay off in the end when we have a great sounding track. I can't wait to finish it!

Work is also going well. If you can recall my previous post, I started working with Arcadia Group last year. Since then, I have been put onto the Social Network team which I'm really enjoying. This includes administering the Topshop Facebook and Twitter.

Social media is the way of the future(actually, the now) people, so jump on the bandwagon!

And while you're jumping, follow me :) ---> @BobbyCreger

In other news,

We need to invest in another shelf for our dvd/blu-ray collection.


I will leave you with a lovely picture of me and my good friend Rania in Brighton this past weekend!


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