Sunday, 28 February 2010

Portobello Treasures

Hey bloggers, welcome to my jewellry box!
So yesterday, I went to Portobello Market. I've been craaaaving new rings. . .I'm a bit obsessed!
Anywhoo, amongst the many shops and jewellry, my darling Dave found 2 rings that I really love and now own :] haha! One is a sterling silver, half moon shape, and the other is a silver, diamond-shaped ring with half pearl/half onyx filling. I also wear 2 others, one is silver with black onyx that my mom bought for me in Thailand, and the other is a silver, 3 piece puzzle ring that I bought with my sister in an airport in New York I believe. . .Now I wear 4 rings, 2 on each hand. . .

I kind of have a black & silver thing going on :]
A while back I found out about this jewellry designer called Jeremy Hoye(he's not the designer of the rings in my pics by the way). I really like a lot of his work. If anyone's a jewellry addict, check out his website, there's some cool stuff!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Ooh! What have I found.. .

Hey everyone!
Starting this post a little differently.. .Thought I'd greet you with a with a favourite pic of mine. This is me and my two best friends Catherine & Christyna(left->right). . .my beautiful, talented, smart, hilarious korean sisters! This was a pic I took of us when Catherine and I went to visit Christyna at MAC(she's a make-up artist and a damn good one!)

i love u 2


While looking through my picture folders, I found some of my illustrations that I did a while back that I really liked and don't think I ever posted on here. . .so I thought I'd share :] haha! The theme for the collection was Tennis. . .

Hope you like them~! =]


Monday, 22 February 2010

Hello bloggers

Hello bloggers,
Sorry I've been away. I haven't been doing nothing though, I've been keeping busy!
My MBA course has taken up a lot of my time and energy. . .it's a lot of hard work, however I feel it will pay off in the end!
I've recently done a shoot for an eyewear brand called Originals. . . .

The images are going to be for their website which is under construction at the moment but should be up within the next few weeks.
The collection had a variety of men's and women's frames including wayfarers and rimless.
Here's a few backstage images from the shoot~

The photos from the phoot are in the process of being touched up, so they will be posted soon and also on their website!
Thanks for reading bloggers, hope you're all doing great,
Stay creative!