Sunday, 28 February 2010

Portobello Treasures

Hey bloggers, welcome to my jewellry box!
So yesterday, I went to Portobello Market. I've been craaaaving new rings. . .I'm a bit obsessed!
Anywhoo, amongst the many shops and jewellry, my darling Dave found 2 rings that I really love and now own :] haha! One is a sterling silver, half moon shape, and the other is a silver, diamond-shaped ring with half pearl/half onyx filling. I also wear 2 others, one is silver with black onyx that my mom bought for me in Thailand, and the other is a silver, 3 piece puzzle ring that I bought with my sister in an airport in New York I believe. . .Now I wear 4 rings, 2 on each hand. . .

I kind of have a black & silver thing going on :]
A while back I found out about this jewellry designer called Jeremy Hoye(he's not the designer of the rings in my pics by the way). I really like a lot of his work. If anyone's a jewellry addict, check out his website, there's some cool stuff!

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  1. i really like the half moon but i would be afraid to scratch/impale things passing by! i get my little fish ring's tail caught on clothes and stuff :S