Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Collection Show Pics

Here's some of the photos taken at the second show. I apologize for the erratic layout, the pictures just weren't moving to where I wanted them -.-
There were some screw ups during the second show that didn't happen during the 1st show, for example. . .

Rachael is not wearing her dress . . . O_O;;?????
or her jewellry, and the jewellry that she is wearing is falling off

Tristan's shoulders are all flat instead of puffed out

Max is asleep LOL

Lucie wasn't wearing her jewellry and her sleeves should be pushed up. . .but I can deal with that :P

Alexander was perfect every time

Levi's jacket seems to have gotten trampled on in between shows. . .where did those wrinkles come from!?!? And his flowers got stuck in his jacket so he only pulled out one lol

Other than those mishaps, everything was fine LOL

Pretty much what you expect to happen at a fashion show. It was very hectic and I'm still surprised they were able to get THIS much of their outfits on!



  1. Hi Bobby! I love your collection!! you're so so talented! emie xxx

  2. I'm sooo proud of you these are amazing Bobby!!! I love you hun! -Rini