Thursday, 10 March 2011


Ladies MOVE OVER!...because Kazaky is here!

"Kazaky ("Kazaky") is a Ukrainian music group, which released the fast-paced acro-dance video In the Middle on the web on 30 September 2010. The boy band's four performers are Artur Archibaz (Артур Арчибаз), Kyryll Fedorenko (Кирилл Федоренко), Stas Pavlov (Стас Павлов) and Oleh Zhezhel (Олег Жежель), who also choreographed the video. The video was made by Music video director Yevhen Tymokhin (Євген Тимохін), the cinematographer was Helena Markova (Елена Маркова) and the styling was done by Vasylyi Bondarenko (Василий Бондаренко)."

Now that you've got the facts....

A friend of mine recently showed me their music video "In The Middle" and I instantly became a fan. Not because the music is anything amazing...although it is catchy and has a great beat....but because of the overrall sexuality and boldness of the group. They are also very skilled dancers(in HEELS...HIGH ones) with beautifully toned physiques to show for it. Their flamboyant movements and styling yet masculine looks and vocals are an alluring contradiction. Kazaky makes me question society and the fine lines between gender...sexuality...and all that is taboo in the portayal of a man. I say why CAN'T a man go out on the town in a pair of heels! Lets not restrain ourselves because of what others may think. Be confident in who you are. Let's make this world a more interesting place!

Kazaky on YouTube:

Love -

In The Middle -


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