Saturday, 9 July 2011

1st Ever Animated Tattoo

A tattoo artist based in Paris, France, by the name of K.A.R.L., has created the 1st "animated tattoo."
This was done by tattooing a matrix code, or QR code(Quick Response Code) into the tattoo which you could hold your smartphone over and discover a hidden animation, viewable right on your smartphone.

After viewing hundreds of entries at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, I can tell you 1st hand that Matrix codes will become a widely used method of delivering information in new, creative ways. Hundreds of agencies were using them, and those were only the ones that entered into the festival. One company at the festival promoted their "Post club night, hangover recovery drinks" using these codes in a nightclub. Everyone that went into the club got a code stamped on their arms which they could then hold their smartphones over to reveal a hidden code. Using the code, they could login online and get a free hangover recovery drink.

Matrix codes are not a brand new idea. They were actually created in Japan in 1994 by a Toyota subsidiary called Denso-Wave, and have been used heavily in Japan, South Korea and the Netherlands.

However, this is the 1st time I've seen it used in a permanent tattoo. Like K.A.R.L. says in the video, the segments have to be tattooed perfectly or else the code won't work, so it's a bit risky. I definately think it's an interesting concept that could definately open doors to bigger, better interactive creations, but how many people are really going to hold their smartphones against you to watch your tattoo animation? And how many times will you want to watch the same animation? And does it even look good?

What are your thoughts?

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