Thursday, 4 November 2010


Make-up can really do WONDERS!

But to be fair, I'm sure they found the worst pictures possible of the girls to put together.
I'd probably look worse than they do after waking up in the morning!
We are all human. . .but. . .it is fun to see the drastic change make-up and clothes can make! :3

2NE1 have recently released a new music video for their track 'It Hurts'.
And although the fairytale/scarytale fashion trend is a few seasons past, I can't help but love the set design and styling for the video.

Check it out! :D

If you haven't listened to their new album, do it now.

All I have left to say is, that I still love the girls, their music and their style.

GO 2NE1!



  1. Hey bobby,
    I was just browsing through your blog after haven't read it for times and I really have to say it's gorgeous! LOVE your photography.
    Go on boy

  2. hahaha thanks Malin~!
    I;ve been trying to update it more and more often now since you were here!

    Hope you're doing great. . .look forward to seeing you in london again!


  3. You do look worse than that in the morning!!