Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Clear My Mind

So today there was a tube strike.
You can already guess what kind of mood that put me in.
I get to work at 4:10pm after being on the bus for over an hour.
First thing I hear is that the work I did the night before was "lousy".

This didn't help my mood.

Why am I working in a Mexican fast food restaurant?? This isn't what I want. This was nowhere in my dreams or ever part of my answer whenever people would ask; "What's your dream job?"

I needed to get out. I needed to leave and clear my mind. . .get back to myself.

I left work by 7.

I wandered the streets aimlessly, trying to reach some sort of calm.

Is Christmas here already? It is in Covent Garden.

After taking some photos, I felt somewhat at ease. I needed that.
Burritos BE GONE!!

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